About Adonis

ADONIS HOLIDAYS, created in 1990, has now over a decade of experience. Over the past years, we have selected reliable partners all over the world to assure our clients wellness at their chosen destination.

A holiday starts with its preparation: the professional team of ADONIS HOLIDAYS will help you with the choice of your destination, the organization of an all included package or just with the issue of your ticket, the needed hotel reservation or car booking. ADONIS HOLIDAYS has it all!

Just pay a visit to our office, conveniently located in the centre of the city: shouldn't you find the vacation of your dreams in one of our ready-made packages, than we'll tailor it according to your wishes in the shortest time!

Welcome to the world of ADONIS HOLIDAYS... The smart way to travel!



Since early mankind, people have been "travelling": first from place to place, later from city to city; from country to country or from continent to continent. Nowadays, the planet Earth seems to have become too small for mankind and travelling to the moon for leisure is no longer impossible!

Travelling has enriched peoples' knowledge about the rest of the world, it has brought them different tastes, thought them about other cultures, shown them different landscapes, etc. Travel has brought people together!

If early travelling had mainly commercial issues, nowadays travelling means also holidays and relaxation. We travel around the world to get to know other places, taste different kinds of food, meet other cultures. The way we undertake travelling has changed drastically with the arrival of cars, trains and planes. In just a few hours we can get away from the daily stress and enjoy the attraction of the unknown.